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obsolete_ape USA I don’t understand anything any more and although I’m an old guy I’m trying real hard not to take it out on you youngs. There’s nothing I can look forward to except maybe the stuff I make will outlive me if I am very lucky. Producer of visual stimuli. Sometimes animator (see pinned tweet). Prints for sale at website link. Guardian of Cheddar, the goodest cat in the world. He/him.
SimerlyDarion Every action has a consequence. Consider. Think ahead. We are all in control of our future and our destiny. Every decision you make will affect the next challenge you face. A man’s gotta make at least one bet a day, else he could be walking around lucky and never know it.
brendon_mckenna @nesta_uk @webfoundation @shoshanazuboff Cusp of a New Age: the bio-metric data and idiosyncrasies that we, the Human race, make will be embedded into the infrastructure of androids in a couple of decades or so in order to become more human than human. Born in Patea and currently a 'member' of the university educated long-term unemployed club of NZ...
noufed_l ☁️ It’s a long line and it will continue on moving. Every choices you make will never go back and everything you try to do to erase it won’t work.. it will always be there and always be written.. no matter what.
fed_rep @FiMeechan @WeCops #GoodStuff I hope the changes you can make will make it to the front line and make a real difference #WeCops Leicestershire Federation Workplace Representative. Views are entirely my own not of my Force or Federation and RT isn’t an endorsement. #Wellbeing
yallhearsummn 🥀 switch 🥀 @baby_sinpai literally just be yourself and don't change for the sake of 'content' and those who truly appreciate you and the work you put in to the content you make will come around and befriend you she/her | 19 | DM requests | minors, dont interact, just block | 🔞🔞🔞 | please put your age in your bio |
DarkMimiTV Chicago, IL Oh hai! Whatchu' doin'? :3 Did you know I'm going live on Twitch RN? Now ya do! Playing #YoutubersLife to relax and chill first and then a surprise after! I'll give you a hint: 'the choices you make will impact the game'. Link in Bio, Come and Chill! 💙 Streamer of the Variety Kind 🕹️ | (She/Her) Bi | INFP-A | Faerie Godmother of Mods and Support 👑 | Social Links: | Business Email Upon Request
ecoboa Cambridge, OH some of the most important connections any official can make will be @HSAD_Network Great resource for reaching out coaches and AD's relationships will be some of your fondest relationships. Believe it or not! East Central Ohio Basketball Officials Association Located in Cambridge. Questions about how to become a basketball official email
A_bts_TEEZ UK @siponthiss Sadly no which I was really annoyed about 🙃😂 it didn't put me off and now I'm doing A Level French 😂 so one little make will make practically no difference:) ❤ BTS ❤ Hatari ❤ Ateez ❤ Figure Skating ❤ Fan of many things Ig: gracek888
BakagaAminata Paris, France @jokowi The misfortune is in Indonesia, your power is unlucky and all the decisions you will make will be unfortunate for your country. There will be a civil war, it is the price to pay for the satanic rites and the sexual orgies that you practiced in the grave to my father. Neurosciences & Pré-Dictions - #Coach & #Pythie 📖 Dirigeants & Hauts potentiels #Émotions #Pensées #Comportement 📩 - 📞 07 81 33 74 45 🔥
jakubjo London, UK Securely sync your workspaces and folders to your desktop with ndSync, our file-syncing application. If you go offline, any changes you make will be synced back automatically when you reconnect. #legaltech #cloud Strategic Marketing, Partner and Program Management @NetDocuments Cloud Platform. Open water swimming 🏊 #CleanBeaches #CleanWater #Cloud🐾
jhnranola To all my dear and close friends: We may not be forever young. Time flies and we are growing older. But it doesn't matter all the memories that we make will never change. I swear I will always cherish it. And I will always paint those golden days. ☀️ A melodramatic side.
adrianoOo19 “I learned the greatest gift of all, the saddest thing in life is wasted talent & the choices that you make will shape your life forever. But you can ask anybody from my neighborhood and they’ll just tell you, this is just another Bronx tale.” - best movie ever @chazzpalminteri All about ⚽️ and a little bit of politics. Fan of Napoli, Gli Azzurri, Toronto FC., Toronto Raptors 🇨🇦🇮🇹 #ForzaNapoliSempre
chyreloftheisla Cebu, Philippines "Find happiness in nihilism, the belief that everything is arbitrary, and whatever choice you make will be as empty and meaningless as the option." Eco-conscious cyclist and mermaid | #bikecebu #seabuana
Skyjudge4NFL Titletown USA @BetoORourke Please keep expressing your outrage and humanity, Beto. Every tweet and statement you make will be contrasted with Trump. Let the people see for themselves that you are the solution to the problems these monsters have created. Let the world see that you are the Antitrump! Army Veteran, Healthcare Provider #VeteransResist #StillWithHer #NeverBernie #TakeAKnee #opioidhysteria #DementedDonnie
planoldtired @realDonaldTrump Maybe those "foolish execs" know every executive order and policy decision you have made or will make will be immediately canceled by the next real President. Watch what you say or they'll be calling you a radical, a Liberal, oh fanatical, criminal. #mayorpete
khays_2 @alihwarsame I am very disappointed with Dr Ali the problem is not two sides the problem is clear Kenya want jubbaland so she can claim the sea if she succeed then icj what decision they make will not effect becouse she control jubbaland and puppet will do any thing for his master
Juliuscvaughan1 Sometimes you just have to get through the emotion. Sometimes it can feel hard to make the right decisions when emotions are high. Understand the emotion will come and go and soon be replaced with another one, but the decisions you make will last. Just make it through the emotion Speaker, Coach + Author of Drop the Stigma surrounding mental health
jack_meioff Manhattan, NY @nypost The lunch their moms make will go pretty fast and the Basement dwellers will be out in the desert all on their own. No good will come of this.
DerozansAreRed Hey @Sony people don’t just like Spider-Man. They like what Disney and marvel has done with Spider-Man. The MCU. No movie you make will ever be as good @whitemediaatx | Spurs Nation | 2017 Aggie | Buc-ee's aficionado
dhjaskajr Bowling Green, KY @ToddHagopian These donations we all make will continue to rise and sometime in the very near future the so called cap will go away and your donation will go against all earned income. The Dems are going to get the so called rich, one way or another. Retired engineer, married to the most wonderful person alive, enjoy great wines, golf, cycling, friendships and travel. Proud Libertarian.
Bizprofitpro Arnold, MD The biggest and most lucrative sale a #business owner is likely to make will be the #company itself. You must have a systematic approach if you want to get all the money you deserve for your #SmallBusiness Helping people buy, sell or improve companies with less stress and more profit. Contact me to see how or to chat
kunocha_ prolly at school nowadays @vgtblt4cc There's almost never a permanent style you'll stick to, change is part of improving and I bet anything you'll make will be amazing 😌😌💕💛 || Kuno || Hobbyist Artist || wips/doodles/spam: @GrilledPusit
joshuainfantado Davao City, Philippines Every action you make will either bring you farther or closer to God. On a mission to share the Gospel to the world.
_OptimistPrime_ On an endless adventure.. @preudhommeart @tanaebriana This hit different for DJ's too, everybody wants somebody good, but rarely want to pay for it; or they try to pay in "exposure", as if you don't already have clout, and the only connect you make will be their friend who heard you did it for free and also wants an event for free.. Just a pilgrim looking for the Way: Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon, Sag Rising | #Ravenclaw |#RolandKlan | #APhiQ | #Swan | #DetroitNative | INTJ | IG: @dja1_ky
MinJL_twt Fiji @SonyPictures Or the next spiderman movie you make will be a big flop. This isn't right for all the parties SONY, Disney, Marvel and the fans. So please as a fan of Spiderman Fix this mess make up with each other and don't fork this up. My last warning The best part of being an ARMY is that you get to change your life for the better Borahae BANGTAN and welcome to the family TXT
Final_Render Very easy mistake to make. Will have to pay closer attention next time. Hard with a time limit, hundreds of enemies and its your first time Youtuber & @bethesda Gamer. Fun & friendly environment for building, survival and YeetTastic gameplay
ArcaneSeamstres California, USA @SquintinaTTV I’m super grateful every chance I get to say hi and chat with you friendo. Keep at it! You seem super happy so I know what you make will be great 💕 FFXIV, Creative,and variety Twitch Streamer| Member of @TheAethernet | Twitch Mod|Amateur seamstress | | they/she/them/her
_chelesteee Marshall Islands @rnaisherr There’s no such thing as right and wrong path. Whatever decision you make will eventually lead you to where you need to go. Not everybody in your life is meant to stay forever. Some are there as a guide to your next journey and some who’ll be there til you get to the finish line. "kon am jejjej enone kwe jerawan."
the_rafor Mesa, AZ Spider-Man fans: Into the Spider Verse is severely underrated and a really good movie Also Spider-Man fans: fork Sony they can't write anything and every movie they make will suck! Hihi :)
twag120 Next big purchase i make will be a new processor, motherboard and ram. Co-Host of the DroppedFrames podcast. Tech enthusiast. The more you learn the better.
joshuawells93 Wallan, Victoria @RyanHLR32 But the money they will make will be absurd. And they will profit, profit, profit. Media and Communications Advisor. 📝📸🎤. Views are my own.
choerrysuwu he/him gay :* it sickens me that my best friends who know the real me will not be able to/not want to talk to me as much in college and that the new friends i make will be basic bottom surface level friends who’s presence will only make me upset 😐 18+ little snow flesh light
bilal__7869 Manchester, England @LegacyKillaHD @Rdizzzle6 After this news that just came out and the hate Sony are receiving you think the Spider-Man movie Sony make will receive attention. Even if it is good (which it most likely won’t) it will get crap reviews just because of the Marvel fans and it not as many people will watch it. #MUFC
glotzy_ Indiana, USA I love Stranger Things and all but if they dare make Will straight in the future seasons, I’m gone. my parents had twins to have a backup in case one turned out a lil messed up 🙋🏻‍♀️
magicallyphoebe Chicago Here’s a hot take: even if they reach a deal and Didney does get to make more Spidermin movies, nothing they make will ever be better than Into the Spiderverse!!! Social media management at @Blue_Magnet, co-host at @NotAPhasePdcast, cosplayer, trivia host, lost princess. Find me at concerts & conventions!
BleDuda @SonyPictures @SpiderManMovie you guys are so crazy? how do you dare take Marvel's spiderman the movies you're gonna make will be a failure you'll spoil tom holland's career and the situation will get very crazy insta:eai_dudinha73 face:chamem eu😜❤
deviIpjm jess | tiff | ang | liz | ayja okay but the fact that they’re taking spiderman away right after we were left on that huge cliffhanger and he JUST started taking over for tony like,, he had such a big future it would’ve been so amazing and they took that away no movie sony tries to make will ever match marvels born to love jimin // was vmnkiss
FanDocUnited San Antonio Texas @ItsADeihl I don't make moves like this very often but if I have 2 FTs and no transfers to make, will use one on moves like this to avoid losing a FT. Fantasy strategic advice & tips on #FPL #MLSFantasy Think outside the box
voidstomach #TENEBRIS ;so, uh, I wanna make a monster girl but idk if the one I wanna make will go over well. She's meeker and more of a pushover than even Takagi. ⠀              ⠀             “ Do you feel that? It's your bones, begging for ғʀᴇᴇᴅᴏᴍ. Will you ᴅᴇɴʏ them of that ᴅᴇsɪʀᴇ? ”
paigeinabook02 tom holland is spider-man and no one can replace he worked so hard to get the role and it is perfect for him and now sony is going to take that away from him cause of money well it just cost them a lot more money cause no spider-man movies they make will top marvel || god || 17 ||
NOCXNTRABAND ~| If my new art style works though I'll totally do an Ask Blog Series too on here either just for Penny or for everyone, dunno Would be on computer paper for now though since my sketchbooks are packed and a new one I get or make will have to be for art class pfp by Metamatronic on Tumblr
almajid_hashim Qatif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Don’t you think that just because I have always been appreciating and respecting you, every sin you make will pass by like nothing happened. who the fork you think you are?
kylesmama Florida, USA @wordcriminal @CandiceH01 @VmarsS5 @franciscapra @hulu @veronicamars @RobThomas @KristenBell @PD3Official It’s like remaking #willandgrace but killing off Karen and Jack. Focusing on Grace’s career and Will’s neuroses. Or attempt to make Will bisexual all of a sudden and in love with some random neighbor. Put them in a coffee shop and pretend it’s #Friends... Life may not be a rehearsal; but it sure feels like tech week!! #logandeservedbetter 😡
boughettobaby Manhattan, NY y’all really tryna make will poultry happen and i am putting my foot DOWN taurus, artist, 23, a lit African-American 🏳️‍🌈 ig: boughettobaby
RainB4TheSun @dreamboyrue And that's okay, but there's never a dumb reason to stay alive, no matter what. You may feel meh, but no matter what happens, it will pass. Every decision you make will lead to where you need to be, and everything that happens will lead you to where you need to be. 𝕀𝕟 𝕒 𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕝𝕕 𝕗𝕦𝕝𝕝 𝕠𝕗 𝕣𝕒𝕚𝕟, 𝕤𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕠𝕟𝕖'𝕤 𝕘𝕠𝕥𝕥𝕒 𝕓𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕣𝕒𝕚𝕟𝕓𝕠𝕨 || DM me if you ever need ANYTHING || stay alive ||-//
whamkins @ABC Call the colleges they are applying to and then make sure that any career choice they make will be aware of the #NaziPOS that they are Daughter Sister love my dogs Navy brat and survivor. Silent no more Standing up for Democracy Proud #Resister #FlipItBlue NO DM’s
issabrodie Talk to my kids like this and i SWEAR TO YOU i will fork up some organs . Every fart u make will redirect itself into a burp . Funky breath bottom bitch . Only you are you . Brand that! 💁🏾‍♂️ JSU ALUM 💙🐯
Climperoonie United Kingdom @awstengirl Basically Spider-Man is now no longer a part of the MCU. All future MCU movies will conspicuously not mention him and any possible Tom Holland Spidey films they may still make will somehow make no reference to Iron Man or the Avengers or anything. #SaveSpidey
Jagertown Salt lake City, UT Hey gang! Click over and follow and save each of our songs and playlists and the profits we make will be donated to #clearthelist thru Sept! #bandcartchallenge 👊 The new sound of rockin' country! Check out our new album - Blacktop #Countrymusic #Nashville 🤘