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justinhendrix NYC @IvankaTrump You and your administration are quite literally human traffickers; child separation at the border has had tragic consequences for hundreds if not thousands of families. No PR visit you will make will ever repair those people. Brooklyn, emerging media & technology, NYC Media Lab + RLab, formerly at The Economist. Opinions mine. Not a journalist.
Las Cruces, NM No one and I can’t stress this enough NO ONE Should tell you what to do with your life , decisions you make will be yours to take.
peterfent Philadelphia, PA Torture for me looks like when I’m given lots of abstract options and complete freedom to choose my next step not having complete sense of what any decision I make will lead to. God is probably having a good laugh knowing full well that I grew up to be a freelance writer "Life, uh, finds a way" 🦖 | Comedy writer with church camp counselor energy. Terrible poker player | he/him 6w5 INFP 🏳️‍🌈 | ☃️☕️🧁
RoadTripRadar On the web and mobile "Location! Location! Location! The Choices You Make Will Impact Your Family’s Alpine Experience Greatly. Check Out Our Ski Accommodation Tips. Skiing holidays is one of the most fun and exciting... The p..." #familytravel via @FGT196 The parent-pleasing, family-friendly route planner; travel site helping you to find places of interest along your journey. #roadtrip #familytravel
OccuWorld Earth Anticipating Collapse. The choices we make will mean everything in the world to the kind of people we become and the future society we form: either… Truth Locating Engine. Non-funded, volunteer, automated. In solidarity with humanity.
SenpaiTreble @GPSDvice You're a quality artist dude, most anything you make will impress people and make them happy. :> what other stuff would you like to draw btw?? Got more ideas??
twinklepistol I’m sitting here thinking.... What type of work am I going to make? Will I make Kawaii stuff, gothic, western etc.. We’ll only find out when I actually start doing more work. I’ve been drawing every day and old ideas are coming back to me. I wonder if I can make those happen. hello, I’m twinkle! I’m a silly goose and you’ll love me for it! 💜♒️💜African American💜female💜loves all animals. This is an 18+ Twitter. NSFW
sunnysidesyd ♡she/her♡ Each piece i make will be one of a kind! Each one with its own unique vision and spirit!✊ no copy cat repeat b.s. Behavioral Technician ◇ Student of Humanity ○ Applied Anthropology. ♋Do no harm, Take no crap♋ ENFP
ross_crockett Melbourne, Australia @ThePotatoBake It's all trial and error. Keep a journal of what you used, what worked and what didn't and just keep trying. It may not be 'perfect', but whatever you make will still be edible and tasty. Tiges fan, craft beer enthusiast, professional IT nerd, foodie, excitedly awaiting the zombie apocalypse...
chelseaupdate24 @_lanezzzz @EmenaIo listen are u saying to me that we have world superstars in our team and it’s hard to find players that will improve us can’t u see fat frank chatting nonsense we have squad on same level as Burnley whatever signing we make will be an upgrade on what we have Its all about Chelsea fc
MennieKiip In opleiding op Minion school. @Hala_CG THIISSS ISS SOO AAMAZINNGG!! I am verry excided for youre girl only rap cypher, i am so curious how a girl only cypher will sound and how the cypher you make will sound ;p 🌟BIG Dtr_go fan!🌟 🐥Dtr_go's ChickenBoii🐥 😎Cavia's nemen de wereld over!!!😎 ❤7-2-2019 follow from Dtr_go❤🌸Proud HalaCG_Clone!🌸#1 @romanchocobee fan!
chelseaupdate24 @_lanezzzz @EmenaIo listen any forking signing we make will be a upgrade to what we already got these players and squad are a joke only reason we are in top 4 is because man united have handed it to us but looks like fat frank will be gentleman hand it straight back Its all about Chelsea fc
euanspc Carluke, Scotland, Europe @scotfax You and I may disagree with decisions made after independence, and we may not like the party in government at any given time. But the choices they make will be suited to meeting Scottish interests. *That* is the point. 26 | Scot 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 | Enjoy life ✌️| hill walker ⛰ | swimming 🏊‍♂️ | foodie🍴| work in politics 🗳 | hobbyist photographer 📸
roachchump wollowing in the bog its so forking exhausting knowing that my value no matter what i do will always be capped at my sexuality and nothing i say or make will ever be seen as more valuable than my body JUST BECAUSE I DONT HAVE A popsicle my popsicle is huge... but don't ask to see it
MellysiaRAWR Connecticut, USA Enjoy life. It's short lived. Don't make excuses for what happens in life. Everything in life is a choice. Not every choice you make will be the right one. You just have to accept the choice, learn, move on, and try not to make the same choice twice. I love you mom. Rest in peace. 8/20/19
knights21men Headquarters: Lebanon, PA Every man is born with an adventure to live and a battle to fight. We have a choice to make--will we accept the call to Christ-likeness and rescue a fallen world? Will we attack it with confidence and courage? #K21courage Knights of the 21st Century is a men's ministry program used by leaders around the world to help men fulfill the potential God has given them.
dianemorgan101 @DailyMailUK @MailOnline And any money they make will be on the back of royal status, without which they are total nonentities
kissm3quan Detroit, MI African-Americans will have you out here looking stupid and any choice you make will get you dragged. That’s the reality of the situation lol my love is patient and kind and crap
Tmontenena Canada @realDonaldTrump You are still impeached. Even serial killers say please and thank you, so don’t think for a minute that your any accomplishment you make will ever will overshadow your criminal actions. #ImpeachedForever #Impeached45 #impeached A Canadian who loves the Leafs, Jays, Raptors and Harvey’s. Favourite movie genre: horror/comedy! Enjoy crafting, reading, gardening, peace & quiet.
MrAlexCollins Galway/Donegal, Ireland @JahSoFocused I'm sure they have explored but yeah, it's likely wishful thinking. I'm also skeptical that whatever trades they do make will be in the best interests of the team moving forward and not in their own short-term interests. Contributor for Survived the Isiah Thomas & Phil Jackson years as an isolated Knicks fan in Ireland.
shecool_af Atlanta, GA I get to work with Pyer Moss, Ivy Park, and Savage Fenty in the future.. I foreseen it last year so every move I make will be with the intent of manifestation.. wait on it cuz the blow up is guna be glorious! ✨ Never Fold 🎴 Free your Mind, Thus Free your Spirit :: Concept Director, Mua, Stylist, Artist :: I create my own realm of reality ✨
_abhayagAmi Ambigious opinions are not admissible. You can use mostly, somewhat, almost etc and then every point about humans you make will be right. Not a ground worker
tumzfestival Twitter @ThatKevinSmith Read the quick synopsis for #Clerks3 and the part about them "making clerks" has me wondering. Are we going to see recreations of classic scenes, or is the story more focused on the entire process? Can you indicate how much the film they make will play a part? AMERICAN your expectations mean nothing to me i love you
TNomap Soil @LuciferTheMAP If you feel like the changes it will make will make you more content and right, and no medical problems with doing so, then yes. But I don't think you should choose based on what others think you should do but what you think is best. necrophile, zoophile, and nomap nonexclusive, 13, she/her, against all forms of abuse, Deaf, csa victim. I'm in therapy and antis are against that.
nobberRB @TUIUK I am currently stuck in Innsbruck awaiting a flight to Gatwick and have a connecting onward flight that a am unlikely to make. Will your airline arrange another flight for me or will they pay for my missed flight? TIA
Richard21162608 South Africa I learned to get love and give on unconditionally you just aseptic people the way the are and I learned the greatest gift thing at all, the sadness thing in life is wasting time and the choice that u make will shape ur life forever
PhasingMarauder #mallowan @WarriorAlbino «our sovereignty to save people in need. Humans in need. And we free mutants being enslaved or imprisoned by countries that don't for the crime of their DNA. That's what my team is about. That's what any deal I make will be about." I don't want the world to be like this. . . So I'm going to make it better. Just watch me. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⨂⠀⠀⠀ Aᥒd ᥲ ᥣιfᥱtιmᥱ bᥲᥒ from thᥱ Sᥲᥒ Dιᥱgo Zoo, @AwesomeGuardian?
EtMoly TAIWAN just record Two dancing video IRL XDD hmmm you can see the different between vrc and irl right XD? more detail irl but at the same time, the mistake you make will be more clear irl and sorry for some fps drop QWQ my camera is sh*t #hiphop #Dancing here is the first video 是個freestyle舞者,學了hiphop兩年多Locking一年,喜歡hiphop,ElectroSwing,funky類的音樂 IDA official cameraman? VRChat ID: HolyMolyKalyLoli Youtube: 小北方HolyMolyET 逼哩逼哩: HolyMoly小北方
DivinePath5 @AtheistRepublic If you want to 'see' it work then, practice a little self-discipline and wait and watch. Give up something you enjoy for 5 weeks and the offering you make will be transformed (cashed in) on the spiritual plane and will manifest itself in your life in the most perfect, divine way.
FankindOfficial India The clock is ticking! ⏱ A once in a lifetime opportunity of having lunch with @ananyapanday ✨ Last few hours left to contribute.. Log onto and donate! Every donation you make will empower acid attack survivors. 💫 So go donate now! #FankindxAnanya Fankind brings to life unique celebrity experiences for fans, that help raise funds for charities. Live Experiences with Ananya Panday 🍕 & Sara Ali Khan 🎥
Scoot434 Ice Station Zebra @gatosandtiaras @bastardspod I like this one podcast where some bastard likes to throw food and beverages around. I'd like to suggest try throwing boxes of frozen fish sticks. I think the sound that would make will be pleasurable. Veteran, Atheist, disgruntled citizen, failed Lite Brite artist. #EmptyThePews #TheFamily GOP=Fascism
Kyara_Dove @DamonRiddle3 @TIsOnTheRise @hgraceq @pragmatic_texan @Wrecknor @QadamsJohn @GunnySnark @mwam1993 @MAGAMedium2 @beer_parade @daveo6145 @Mareq16 @pray4all @TyrannisCave @JENsen4Truth @anonforq @11e1ev1n @AnonMonkeyMan1 @BullPatriot @HEAVENSARMY4 @DancingCurious @Angel5Christine @RampTheresa It's done using "inspect element." Inspect Element is a browser tool that lets you view and edit the HTML & CSS of web content. However, any edits you make will only appear on your personal screen, and last until you exit out. might as well wake all the way up
730sagestreet Chicago, IL (NW Indiana - Lowell) Low carb garlic cheddar cheese crisps are keto-friendly and are super easy to make & will satisfy yo Lifestyle blog with recipes, wellness, parenting, fitness, crafts, home & garden projects & more.
conspiracystuf2 @ErnstHemingwavy I feel like that a lot and then some bullcrap tweet I make will do numbers NSFWish
ThomasEHine Canada @EposVox @RetroRGB That was why I was saying that the GPIO expansion capabilities would make this a must buy for you. Having a composite and S-Video input module, plus whatever else the community decides to make will make this thing amazing. 🇨🇦 Hobbiest developer, gamer, Rover Scout and Beaver Leader. Signed up for University, it's going to be weird.
yyyumir It's too late for me to make any good friends or emotional deep connections anyways. At this point I think any "friends" I make will just be short-term. I actually hate myself for being this way, and I don't think it'll stop lolol haha.
hollyjo1225 Kentucky @SenTedCruz @realDonaldTrump @senatemajldr @VP @SenateGOP @SenateDems Senator Cruz, Trump (and/or Putin) has BRIBED a number of GOP politicians. It will be proven. Every single move the Republican Senators make will be under a microscope. #ShowIntegrity #LookattheEvidence #PutinsGOP #ImpeachAndRemoveTrump Grateful, thankful and blessed in all the ways that matter. I’m a wife of 35+ years, Nana of 4 beautiful grandchildren.
eboywinko she/her havent watch but i cant stop feeling sad. Ive read the manga and the feelings remains the same T..T my babie shoyo every effort u make will come to fruit,, i assure u the success is going to be as sweet if u are patient :((( #WINWIN: dumb bitch | certified winwin akgae
The_G_in_Jesus south korea @min_comics @mykeryu i tagged him in my attempt, and tried that messy reddit thread, but i'm not concerned either way. i love the game even as is, and i trust whatever adjustments they make will be great. excited to see what's coming taken by the perfect woman. guitar/bass masher, tekken hood rat, extreme nerd. fork you and your views. Doggos 🐶 Bitches 🐩 and Money 💰
EvanDoomguyTX San Antonio, TX @FrecklesNFrce I'm not the best with words, but I can say that every step you make will be progress. I have faith that you'll break free from that staircase and reach the daylight ahead. ☀️☀️ RT Community member, Roadrunner Gaming Club member. If you name a meme; I can find it. 👌
hpcharmed You know, I don’t think I want Will and Sonny to get back together right away when the truth comes out. I want Sonny to be pissed Will forced a divorce on him and make Will work for it. #WilSon #Days Maybe I can finally see Will & Sonny wake up together, arm draped over side, legs tangled together. #WilSon shipper always but multishipping #Horita & #Pillson.
RRRawlings Dallas, TX Today I had the privilege of hanging out with one incredible young man, Will Wade. With best-selling author Clive Cussler and Make-A-Wish America, we were able to make Will smile from ear to ear. We talked cars, life, and joked around quite a bit! Owner of @GasMonkeyGarage. Star of @Discovery's #FastNLoud and #GarageRehab. Like my FB: Follow on IG:
jinjinysus the choreography to #BlackSwan is going to be gorgeous, art-like, meaningful af like every movement and position that @BTS_twt will make will tell a story goddamn will get my main account back in like next next week lol. backup acc to: @seokjinbit || fan account
nikishuhh USA I love it when I meal plan with my man and he’s super down and adds ideas instead of “whatever you make will be fine” 😍 ♑️🌇💜 2015 💑 | No DMs 🙅🏼‍♀️
darktheatrics @FarmGalMozu "I trust whatever you make will be absolutely perfect! I cannot wait until it is finished... and, are you certain? Surely I should reward you for spending your free time making whatever you choose to make?" ✦ 𝑂𝑈𝑇 𝑂𝐹 𝐷𝐴𝑅𝐾𝑁𝐸𝑆𝑆, 𝐼 𝑆𝑃𝑅𝐼𝑁𝐺 𝐼𝑁𝑇𝑂 𝐴𝐶𝑇𝐼𝑂𝑁! 𝐹𝐸𝐴𝑅 𝑀𝐸! 𝐼 𝐴𝑀 𝑶𝑫𝑰𝑵 𝑫𝑨𝑹𝑲!!
gasmith91 'The saddest thing in life is wasted talent, and the choices that you make will shape your life forever. But you can ask anybody from my neighborhood, and they'll just tell you this is just another Bronx tale.' Stand in front of the mirror and slap yourself with a wet fish
KMcGbennet katie's mcgrath cave I don't agree with the attack but he was stupid to get into ship awards. Don't be a fool, if they make will and kara a thing, probably they will get supercorp and karamel fandom together to bully him out. It's just reality I like to cut people and ship gay girls | she/her | fan account
Jomboy_ We got @chazzpalminteri giving the ruling and banging the gavel!! “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent, and the choices that you make will shape your life forever.” #nowyousecantleave @TalkinYanks | @talkinbaseball_ Short & Gray
dixanneaux Fort Worth, TX @_LaFilipina It was better than the second one as a whole but the second one still has the most memorable moments. The first one still the best one to me because Martin and Will shared the screen doing the same stuff (action and comedy), where the sequels make Will Smith more the star. Hope is irrational.
edwardlamb Wirral, UK @atridimas And the funny thing is, many of the changes we are able to make will make our lives better. So weird/frustrating 🤷‍♂️ Richest man in the world. Dad, designer & daydreamer. Suburban cyclist. New creation @rethinkcic. Podcaster, obvs. Current obsession: #ClimateEmergency 🚴‍♂️🌎