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ARanganathan72 Was interrupted by Congress, first by Raman and then by Chidambaram. Had important points to make; will do so later if I get a chance. WDTT Author: Land of the Wilted Rose (Rupa); Love & Honour (Bloomsbury); Rat Eater (Bloomsbury). Consulting Editor & Columnist: Swarajya. RTs, Likes ≠ Endorsements.
oliverstarkk #BlackLivesMatter Dammit I want to add one more thing. That the decisions the writers make will be for the benefit of the story as a whole! They’ve created many successful shows and know what they’re doing 🙌🏼 Englishman. Used to be Baron of The Badlands... now fighting @911onFOX’s fires. Birthmark not eye herpes.
karanjohar Maharashtra, India Here’s your chance to meet me over a cup of coffee - just visit and enter now! ☕ Every donation you make will help ActionAid Association sponsor an underprivileged child's education and healthcare. #FankindXKaranJohar @fankindofficial Roohi aur Yash ka papa! Hiroo aur Yash ka beta....
Wolfknight74 TKCAL™ @Averagedood1 @PolitiBunny @DanaMc2327 @RepDougCollins @realDonaldTrump The next argument you make will be your first. All you have done is try to let those smarter than you (a very low bar that I vaulted with ease) say stuff that you don't know is wrong. Have someone who can, read the ref's call to you, and explain what it means. If you only care to act after you've been personally touched by evil, you don't care about eliminating evil. Typos will happen until we get an edit button.
Namaste_19 Planet Earth @jaclyncosmetics Imagine having a failed launch, deciding to push through and relaunch a completely different product taking in learned lessons knowing every single move you make will be speculated. Im not one to comment on crap but gezzawiz give the brand a chance. It amazes me how people behave .bᴎim Ꮈo ɘƚɒƚꙅ ɒ ꙅ'ƚi ,ɘƚɒƚꙅ ɒ ƚoᴎ ꙅ'ƚi ɒiᴎiǫɿiV 𝘛𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦'𝘴 𝘯𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘦 𝓫𝓮𝓪𝓾𝓽𝓲𝓯𝓾𝓵 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘯 𝘣𝘦𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘴𝘦𝘭𝘧 ⭐🕉️🦒👩‍👦🧘🎶♎
Sujit66296731 @delan82 @TheMukeshJha @KevRobertsCA @davidwarner31 @CricketAus @CandyFalzon @ICC Those 75 runs which warner didn't get to make, will haunt him and his lovable fans for the rest of his life along with the fans. Thanks to Tim Paine whose brainless decision made it possible. I feel for David and his fans across the world. Australia couldn't get break the record The attitude to face challenges in LIFE! Cheers
Kareenxxx Glasgow @_nicmitchell Try get out in it as much as u can even if u struggle more in your own car because any mistakes u make will stick with u and will do u wonders! semi-professional photo taker
ouakam4 Sénégal @AColdBeer2 @MaxLewisTV @WSBT @PeteButtigieg And you know I'm drunk how? Your education taught you to make will supposition about people on Twitter on the basis of nothing? Check yourself. Your parents would be ashamed. And I guess you wear BLM shirts while insulting random black women online? Just some African girl rooting for Pete Buttigieg. Also crazy about cats, giraffes and baby elephants. Touche pas à mon Chasten. She/Her/Hers
reddiekiss she/her @milevenslovess pls make will happy for more than 5 minutes and also give him a boyfriend #BARRY: 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐛𝐚𝐥𝐝 𝐟𝐮𝐜𝐤, 𝐟𝐮𝐜𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐦𝐚𝐧
TwentyOneOdds Oh, don't you wonder when the lights begins to fade, and the clock just makes the colours turn to grey. Forever youger growing older just the same, all the memories that we'll make will never change -P!ATD Lek,é tanta coisa que eu nem sei
grazerfiIms she/ her, 17 @milevenslovess give will a boyfriend and robin a girlfriend and make will and robin friends :) do it for the gays #JACK: happy holidays to the lgbt community
sugarsweet20k @UrbanDecay I’d do a collection called Dog Days and the shade names for the eyeshadows would be names of dog breeds and the lipsticks would be the named after my dogs . And like a % or what the product would make will go to animal shelters . 😂 that’s all just a Awkward Bean.
y000hh @ecstaskz @minhopretty I AM SCARED AGAIN WTF "Your sadness after the choices you make will be unbearable and will hurt your family very much. They beat themselves in grief and shed blood until death." “Roll the dice hunnid times, 눈 감아도 알아” `multi/fanacc`
Zaperad @3Dhero17 @_ChaosNomad_ Destiny has always had an issue with content becoming irrelevant down the line and I think it’s just a. Core design flaw. FF14 is entirely que/matchmaking based for literally every activity and throwing roulettes on top of that - voila. literally any content you make will never Affiliate, Artist, BBoxer, rted Gun Syncer, Geology nerd, leader of VEXY, male, bi/pan | |
dancergaius father seteth’s worm cathedral @jiihn_ sometimes it’s hard to see progress and results where you think you see failure. but seeing all the things you have managed to accomplish? thats incredible. not every attempt can be winners, not everything you make will be your best work. but don’t let those deter you from trying i’m rui and i want lady maria to throw me off the astral clocktower || they/them || 混血儿 || ENG/中文 || icon: @naotoosh_art✨
prepared2push 10 things I’ve learned over the most difficult year of my life. 10) Learn to pray. Be patient. And remember that no one is an island unto themselves. Every single decision we make will inevitably affect someone around us. Life is a one shot deal. Continue the push. From Fallujah to the Fireground. Former USMC Infantry Platoon Sergeant, current Engine Company Officer. These are my words, thoughts & retweets I believe in. SC
Barbdewar Ohio @RepSteveChabot If YOU Republicans DON'T Impeach that corrupt, ignorant, lying, piece of human garbage we call a President then what will happen in 2020 will make will make the 40 lost GOP seats in 2018 look great. You will lose the Senate as well and the final nails will be in the GOP coffin. Descendant of first Americans from 1633 to 1638. Related to 12 Presidents , 5 VPs, 2 signers of the Declaration of Independence & Winston Churchill. DAR
saam_brownn Citi Field I’m going to reiterate this now hearing about Wheeler. Whatever move the Mets make, will not compare to the improvements made by the Braves and now the Phillies. I like sports,NYM/NYG/NYK/NYR “We just believe man.” // Mets Fan Advisory Board member, writer for @MetsMerized, my opinions are my own, FSC ‘21
newsintameside Tameside LAB: I understand frustration. When we started the article 50 process, there was huge pressure on MPs to trigger it but it’s now recognised this was a mistake. The decisions we make will have massive ramifications for years to come and you need a rep who takes that seriously. We are the only community newspaper in Tameside, bringing you all the latest local news and sport from across the borough.
pvcprinting Grantham Echo Peanuts comments. Appreciate Christmas is just around the corner but any donations you can make WILL make a difference and possibly save lives. Donate if you can and benefit from doubling your donation. Please retweet - Thanks Just doing what I do
oliverstarkk #BlackLivesMatter Dammit I want to add one more thing. That the decisions the writers make will be for the benefit of the story as a whole! They’ve created many successful shows and know what they’re doing 🙌🏼 Englishman. Used to be Baron of The Badlands... now fighting @911onFOX’s fires. Birthmark not eye herpes.
HandEatingLlama Hyrule @Alisera I've been calling around local churches and shelters. I'm gunna sponsor a family and anything extra we make will go to local shelters. Lots of people not getting basic needs out there :/ #lovewins. he/him keep going. Peace love positivity 4 all. IT GETS BETTER. | 💖Posty💖CRAY 💖NF💖Paul Rudd 💖@paladinamber #1 fan
josephschroer @JDSHELBURNE @lowcarb77 I am getting Hungry and those Goodies Chef Jason will make will hit the Spot Every, Everytime!!! @JDSHELBURNE @lowcarb77 @sak_shoes @kytastebuds @JimSichko @BBN_Wildcats_ @RhondaN14 @tradeshowwendy #BBN #kyjoe
ifagbemiro1 @fkeyamo There is expiration date for everything. That man you all a half brain and half liver is no more today and Remember one day you will not exist again too . But wherever impact you make will exist!!! Oga do the needful before it’s too late . U still have time enough. Think wisely👌 Traditionalist and ifa worshiper. Ogboni, esu priest.
lHybridl @BenjiSales This restricted by weaker hardware is weird tho. The games they make will also be on PC with some specs lower then that. Lockhart and Scarlett will just be one of the pc specs.
tired_becs England, United Kingdom @silvercoward this isn't permanent, but the good memories that you are going to make will be. you have and will help so many people, so please don't do this. we need you to be here. professional garbitch
FutrellLance The Maker of men that make Will stoop between the cherubim, The towel and the basin take, And serve the servants who serve Him. -from Dorothy L Sayers intro poem titled The Makers 2/2 Christian| The Resurrection of Christ Really Happened|
MicheleBassir Munich, Germany These 7 small adjustments you can make will have a real impact and shape an accepting and supportive #workplace for #autistic colleagues so that they can deliver the enormous value they have to offer. #Neurodiversity #Management #InclusionMatters Mother of two. A #womenintech. Reshaping #insurance. Embracing #CorporateEntrepreneurship. A board member of @Allianz Technology & Head of GL&NA.
myeonochrome moving out The mistreatment is obvious and they’re aware so I’m glad that they have these potential scenarios laid out in front of them by also making sure they take into consideration their individual happiness. I have no doubt that whatever decision they make will be the best one [eng/한] if unreachable, ana is here 👉🏼
Timeless_Crypto Terraqueous Globe @BitQueenBR @trader1sz It is the nature of the game we play. I feel for you guys due to your massive following. Every single call you both make will always be scrutinised. It is unfortunate, but such is the nature of things. Just keep doing you! Onwards and upwards! Autodidactic Amateur Trader | Financial Freedom Is The Goal 🙏💸💰 | Crypto/Blockchain Enthusiast| Student of Markets and Incipient Trends 📊📈📉
ARanganathan72 Was interrupted by Congress, first by Raman and then by Chidambaram. Had important points to make; will do so later if I get a chance. WDTT Author: Land of the Wilted Rose (Rupa); Love & Honour (Bloomsbury); Rat Eater (Bloomsbury). Consulting Editor & Columnist: Swarajya. RTs, Likes ≠ Endorsements.
WDYouthCouncil To give you some more information about Eco-Bricks please have a read at The Eco-Bricks we make will be given to a local primary school for their project and some will be sent away for national collection. #localchange #WDYC #WDYouthCouncil #Ecobricks ~J Giving West Dunbartonshire's Young People opportunities to engage in decision making and impact local change.
jroystonx England UK @pulte I’d like to win cos live 300miles from children and grandchildren this would help environment and increase the amount of visits I can make will also keep me and mine safer A woman of a certain age means my internet skills will develop I can talk for England & my imagination knows no bounds. Join me
UAK1 Keighley, West Yorkshire We have been using assemblies this week to talk to students about the importance of democracy and engaging in the #GE19. The choices that our politicians make will impact on their future, so it is important they are engaged in the world around them. University Academy is a vibrant and innovative secondary academy in Keighley. We are proud of our students and want to shout about their successes!
reengageuk UK It's Day 2 of our Big Give campaign! 🥳 This week and this week alone, any donation you make will be *doubled* by our generous partners! This Christmas, please help give the gift of friendship to older people across the UK suffering from loneliness: Committed to combating social isolation and loneliness amongst older people. Formerly 'Contact the Elderly' (Account monitored Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)
grimdarkfandang England, United Kingdom @timesnew_rowan Oh damn that is GORGEOUS 😍 I am notorious for keeping preciouses in the stash and never using them so don't look behind the curtain, but it's a dangerous path collecting "aspirational" yarn (too pretty/$$, gotta be/do better for it). Whatever you make will be worthy!!! Niki (she/they) nb🥝caffeine addiction with a spotify account. All about D&D & comics & loving your art. ✨Virtual Assistant for hire!✨ (icon hexaes on picrew)
idea_cares Mumbai, Maharashtra @jaideepwadali Hi! The old recharge packs will cease to work after 00:00 hours on 3rd December. So, any recharge you make will fail and the amount of that recharge will be credited back to the primary source of payment (credit card/debit card/e-wallet/retailer, etc.). Regards, Harshada Official customer care account of Idea. Tweet, if you have any feedback regarding our services or network. For offers & promotions see @idea
Fan182St @crzy_tghter hahahahah no please i don not how to make will and eveln fan page site please make 37 and young 👩🏼👩🏼/ mother of 4 👧🏻👦🏼🧒🏻🧒🏻/ likes The Stranger Things Official Netflix Original Tv Show ❤️❤️❤️❤️
DetectiveJason Helheim @ThomasOfTibur that too, although everything im going to make will be hybrids of different traditional and cultural practices for blacksmithing so, also ahistorical Famous Outlaw. Science couldn’t kill me and neither can you! *gets stabbed*
Ayahuascerosha1 Vancouver, BC @CordovaTrades 1. Believe in yourself at all times. 2. Every mistake and loss you make will be a blessing in the future. Persevere and never stop learning. Success beyond your initial goals will follow. The loneliest positions will eventually be the most profitable! Mining Investor. Searching for high grade/low cost plays worldwide. #gold #silver #copper Tweets are not advice. I am not even qualified to tie shoelaces.
KimL2018 @HarveyBischof @Sflecce We DO NOT need bigger class sizes and online learning is not for every adult never mind a child. I worry about the secondary school teachers and a long strike because that will mess up my daughters semester BUT these changes the govt wants to make will mess up ALL students.
Pariunt Me wanting to make an Kory acc bc I love @ZOMBIEBlRD and i GENUINELY love Starfire. Also me not watching Titans so ik whatever Acc I make will probablh be ignored and possibly ridiculed. ❝ᴍʏ ᴘᴀʀᴇɴᴛs ᴀʀᴇ ʜᴇʀᴏs. ᴅᴏ I ʜᴀᴠᴇ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ᴏɴᴇ?❞ Son Of Artemis Crock & Roy Harper
michaelsorrell Quinnite Nation We feel what we lose and worry that it will never be returned. Or, and even worse, the pain of the sacrifice that we are asked to make will never result in the joy of completion for us. Prez of @paulquinntigers. WE over Me + Four Ls of Quinnite Leadership= #NationBuilding, the New Urban College Model, and Reality Based Education. #WEGotNow
growcreatesave Australia This paperback novel table Christmas tree is easy to make, will look great and is a good way to recycle old books. Try this free guide with step by step instructions. #Christmas #ChristmasCountdown #christmascrafts #christmasdecor Save money at home with free recipes, gardening tips, free craft & DIY projects. Sustainability and living within our means is more important than ever.
AyaMcMillan Toronto, mostly. Today’s #GivingTuesday and to celebrate, @RethinkTweet is having a Give-A-Thon! Today only every $25 donation you make will go towards sending TWO Give-A-Care packages to a young person with cancer. Make cancer suck a little less. Give now: Fashion scribe, lifestyle editor, digital strategist | Side-eye savant | Obsessed with shoes & puppies | Insta: @ayamcmillan | 📧
somesay_bangi Grahamstown, South Africa @AShePrince_x Honestly 😂 I want to know what kind of a crackhead I can make. Will it do stuff and cry because it hurt itself lol. Will it be super smart like it’s dad and I? 😂 part time lady of leisure | 🇿🇲🇨🇩❤️
MoffettPatrick Sacramento @JamesIV1978 @lukeoverbey @theRealDKEfect @mrlip5 @jkm563 @RiceTwist @RichGrisham @rkolpien @jbraziii @Turner_Storm @r3t2 @judofuse @TRJoshGraham @cjredbeard I am going to deliver a Kung Fu Hustle level pummeling to your front door. No roster decision(s) you make will have any bearing on the final result. Your virtual existence in #beserkerleague and your reality will be permanently disfigured by next Tuesday morning. Sleep well. Relax, lie back, place your head on the tracks, and wait for the train to arrive. Wildlife Biologist Cosumnes River Preserve
NaamodUK UK UK Lawyers for Israel boasts 14 Patrons, including peers, judges and a Nobel peace prize winner. Every single one of them has a choice to make: Will they take a stand against the far-right by resigning from as a Patron or will they stay silent, a de facto endorsement of Regavim? We are a movement of British Jews seeking to end our community’s support for the occupation. Join us:
PanSteam @XoBabbz @Lollylulubes I do not want to diy! It's messy and no juice you make will taste like vapemail. You can get down to the nano gram and the Nic and bases will not match what you are hoping for...more enjoyable to Smoke. Get your marble on the track... “I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere,uninvited,and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind.
RAWInews It's Giving Tuesday! Any donation you make will be matched. Thank you to all who have donated in the past, your generosity has helped us put on workshops and give away fellowships. Official feed of the Radius of Arab American Writers

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