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Claras12345 USA Dear Pioneers Hope you remember to push the button EVERY DAY. The progress is going good and in a very Interesting direction. READ THE NEWS..... Every coin you make will be nice to have in the future 😊💵 Interested in money, humans and every day life.
carlozz53 Los Angeles, CA love at a young age is so beautiful. don’t take it for granted. the memories you will make will be memories that will stick with you until the end of your times, and that my friend is beautiful.
orbithooman Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia im done with drama. and if u thinks the jokes u make will make me laugh not it isnt. nothing to do here. ciao pus pus
JimMalenfant Phoenix, AZ @PeoriaPoliceAZ I have decided that since the Peoria police supports Traitor McSally, they must be dumped. The lie about an officer who did not die serving or protecting anyone. Every tweet Peoria police make will be checked. And you will be called out. Dump Traitor McSally! I am a native of Arizona, and graduated Arizona State University in 1994, earning a degree in History. I don't care for the NRA, Republicans, or broccoli.
OhTheNormanity Arkansas, USA @DenisDailyYT Mall, à la Stranger Things? Beach/waterpark for summer theme? Campgrounds? Battle Royale island? 🤷‍♀️ All I know is whatever you make will be played a minimum of 80 times in my house. 🤦‍♀️ lol You're one of a handful of youtubers my kiddos (and I) can agree on! 👍🏼 Christian. Wife. Mom. MBA & MIT, Writer, Dreamer, Doer, Painter. Happiest with my hands in dirt or toes in sand. Filled with wanderlust. 🌊❤🌊
me4macmango Concepción, Chile @EstebanPArriaga Hurting civilians? Not sure what gave you that idea, but you think what makes you happy. I believe you are the master of the journey. Decisions you make will determine what kind of human being you are and where you end up in life. You seem to blame others 4 ur shortcomings Rechazo la nueva constitución porque no creo en el proceso constituyente manejado por políticos.
PUREEMPATHISMS // do i make will soft and awkward or just sincerely forked up? that be the question. ❛︎︎𝐈 𝐚𝐦 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐮𝐧𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐨𝐰𝐧 𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲.❜︎︎
OberForChico Chico, California I know we’ll get this work done together, and the decisions we make will always be informed by the rich character of this historic neighborhood. (3/3) #ForwardTogether #OberforChico #Ober2020 Rich Ober. Candidate for Chico City Council 2020, District 7. Father. Husband. Activist. Walker of the Family Dog. Let's move #ForwardTogether 🌱 #OberforChico
jmanxxda @PearlteaRizzy Modern-day Hannah-Barbera: cheap and easy to make Will the story and chara be fun though? Alt account for @dajmanxx.
MediaGeramm Kuala Lumpur “Whatever decisions they are going to make will have tremendous impact not just on Malaysiakini but also on media organisations and millions of Malaysians who are users of social media. 2/5 Fighting for Media Freedom
spunkymutt_ Chicago, IL @sappycats HEHEH I was wondering if you’d see it and think that😏😏 AND IM SUPER GLAD YOU LIKE IT!!! You dont have to animate bro I dont expect that! but aHHH anything you make will be AMAZING 😭😭🖤🖤 Mutt • Artist • 23 • Masc NB He/Him • ENFP • White • 18+ Only 🔞• Commissions CLOSED • @crumb_mouse 🖤 • Art in Media Tab • BLM | ANTIFA | ACAB • H: @FoozyArtz
willgrahamed she/her hannibal is really planning to make will and abigail to be his family at all costs let me relax I’ll exist later
cookie_booty Pennsylvania, USA no joke i ever make will be funnier than “your mom suck me good and hard through my jorts” and i accept this Big McThankies from McSpankies
LilanFIERCE @dbongino DeBlasio and Cuomo need to go. Here's what you get with democratic leaders. When is someone going to stop backing down to these punks? Let something bad happen & the 1st call they make will be to the police. These cops need to walk and let NY go without a police force.
BwoyaTingz Jamaica. So after I paid for and recorded TWO podcasts for #Bwoyatingzpodcast on Open Marriages uno make Will, Jada and August come mash up uno meds?? I’m disappointed 🥴 Radio Show host | Event producer | Podcaster | YouTuber
DeathmatchTV Beavis and Butt-head reloaded... I can't see it in 2020. I guess every joke they will make will offend groups of people. So they will be pushed to cancel it and apologize for having sense of humor while not everyone on this planet can make jokes. #beavisandbutthead #mtv
Jessica20651752 @BamBam1A any choice you make will always go well, as you are very talented, humble and charismatic.😊 @BamBam1A
TheNewsGuard Lincoln City, OR "The choices each of us make will decide whether we reduce the spread of the virus and find a way to keep our businesses open, or whether we let down our defenses and allow the virus to take hold,” Gov. Brown said. THE news source for North Lincoln County on the Central Oregon Coast.
nahomboy In a galaxy far, far away Bet 50 jada gonna twist it and make will apologize they call me the rocks man
bazeyyy DMV Anything I make will triple again and again. I am successful. I am abundant. I am wealthy. All my needs are met. Nothing good for me escapes me. Asé 🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿 ✨ food blogger specializing in practical recipes 🎧 music connoisseur 💫 astro bae 🌸 plant mama 📍DMV 🐶💙💛 NCAT Grad
hamanshiron Glasgow, Scotland @MichelleCLight Sorry, that person is an utter popsiclewomble, I'm sure whatever you make will be awesome, cause you are doing it with passion for your project. Consent is key, you do you and fork the haters. Hamanshiron Publishing and Legends of Hamanshiron the Work in Progress TTRPG . David does all the posting, he/him is loud.
AelithEarfalas The Middle of Nowhere w/Courag @alldenspa_art I'd say just draw what you enjoy and people who also like what you make will show up eventually! I draw both OC and Fanart and neither really get retweeted. Though Fanart grabs attention, it won't garuntee retweets <D Professional Illustrator/Animator and Merch designer | Comic Artist | 25 | They/Them He/Him SHOP:
lxxeenm Chosing between two things and the fact that the decision you’ll eventually make will either make your life much better or much worse sucks! espicially that it will destroy more than only your life #حقوق_الحيوان
Mozzydoll Pdy @BigBankBrodiie @_badgrrlbrenda @evildo3r @_GrrrlNextDoor @KeenenLynn @willfromspace @xo_suave @Kca_14 @telemachus31 @thotty_dagod @TheKBGawd Exactly, jada is a married woman and it does make will her HUSBAND Insecure if it makes him uncomfortable! Mrs. @chrisbrown 18+
RobAAnderton England, United Kingdom @Kris_McGee I couldn't vote because only you know and whichever decision you make will be the right one. Pretty much agree with @ByrneBook. You've got to do you and what makes you happy 😊 Trying to make the world more inclusive one day at a time. My tweets represent my own personal views. Love F1, Latin American Ballroom and Music as you do...
_MercyBeaucoup 1545 N. Wells Street, Chicago We're having a major 4th of July weekend #sale! Shop now through July 5th in-store and receive 50% off. Every purchase you make will directly support Mercy Home's children and their families. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you soon! #shoptoday 🛍️ A resale boutique offering gently used men's and women's designer and brand name clothing and accessories.Proceeds benefit Mercy Home for Boys and Girls.
MJHaugen Ann Arbor The decisions for what resources to use, what materials to extract and how, etc. need to be democratic, just, & ecologically sustainable throughout the entire supply chain. This is a difficult thing to truly grapple with & decisions for what trade-offs to make will often be hard. Helping build a just and sustainable world. @UMSEAS alum.
dans135 Check out my print shop, everything I make will be donated to #BlueLivesMatters and matched by my job, I’ll also be donating to the #LGBTQ community photographer- I tweet dumb stuff, retweet memes and art that I like.
MintPressNews Correspondents everywhere Special Report #GileadSciences is making a killing off #Remdesivir, a #medicine for treating #COVID19 and was developed with #American tax dollars. A course of treatment costs less than a #FastFood sandwich to make will cost $15,600. by @AlanRMacLeod Independent watchdog journalism covering imperialism, corporatocracy & civil liberties. Become a member:
MercyHome Chicago @_MercyBeaucoup is having a major 4th of July weekend #sale! Shop now through July 5th in-store and receive 50% off. Every purchase you make will directly support Mercy Home's children and their families. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you soon! 🛍️ Official Twitter of Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, a solution for kids in crisis since 1887.
joeiecamoly DVO, PH the soft sound of rain and this 🌧💕 Goodnight 😘 🎵🎶Speak softly, love So no one hears us but the sky The vows of love We make will live until we die My life is yours and all because You came into my world with love so softly love🎵 a handful of surplus words, passion and compassion ❣
diangeIlo she/her, minor. everyone make will so bubbly and energetic and impulsive but he’s just so chill? like he’s still really straight headed and calm in his decisions and he would never pick up a fight or argue over anything. he’s presence just radiates calm and peace. #NICO : be gay do crime. cabin 13, intp.
ArtharsFF14 Singapore new COD patch is pretty good, solo doesnt feel that BAD anymore because they added in alot more money and its actually more playable now sorry for short strum cos i forgot i got a call to make >< will be on later at 9-10 PM EST for FF14 weeklies tho! See ya then :D I like Tifa and Yakiniku
NoHesiDmann Chicago✈️ Everywhere Social media finna make will and Jada divorce 😭😭😭 @kingdmann Old Twitter #YolaWorld Chicago Raised Me S/O 049 Gang Not With The Bullcrap But Imma Bulls Fan Lowend Crazy | The 🎒 Life 💸
BluRBuddy_ 503 🇸🇻 @VRayzaYT @2Actix Callum it not you man it’s my fault your clan is right for me taging you your a amazing person and your leader too the statement I’m gonna make will end this problem once and for all. I promise that Own @BluRGamingRc | Content Creator | 103 Beautiful Subscribers 😂 | #NarcoBuddy | My duplicate @Alejjacutie no simping for her ;)
Lemon_Chiffonbk My Planet Bushwig and Bearded Babes number. Any more tips I make will be going to @EmberSuxxx so she can get them to the dolls in need. x Bearded Princess - Aussie Gurl
HDAceeD D〽️V Me and this so called “ike turner” face i make will never not be funny to me Mountain of Strength. MSU Alum🐻
PilgrimsProgre4 New Delhi, India Some of the habits you need to break or make will be easier than others, but there will surely be some that will require great discipline and self-control. Don’t be afraid of pain, but remember the old adage, “No pain, no gain.” Apologetic writer, author of Jesus in the American Prison, exponent of John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress,
acepecially but at least i do this for myself, because all the good that we make will also return to us, and vice versa. i hope we're always given love and affection in ourselves. Sorry A.C.E, i stan Director Kang now. But sorry Director Kang, A.C.E can't replace.
ToastCorps Cabin 10, CHB @LukeSky94831431 I'm 20 and I do The world is insignificant. Every mark we make will be gone at most 100 years after we die. Just do what makes you happy and the world has no right to tell you not too cause we're all on the same rock, between the same stars, trying to make a mark At times I wonder why my parents had me 'Cause I don't know how to act and crap And God knows that they didn’t plan me I’m one hell of an accident | INFP-T |
Claras12345 USA Dear Pioneers Hope you remember to push the button EVERY DAY. The progress is going good and in a very Interesting direction. READ THE NEWS..... Every coin you make will be nice to have in the future 😊💵 Interested in money, humans and every day life.
_DASHJAMARR w/ your father guys don’t make Will and Jada a joke now 🥺🥺🥺🥺 omg this ain’t good a life sized Bratz Boy 🤴🏽 | fire sign energy 🔥
thequixote @ThaKingzLane who ended his and does he make Will money? Will got murder bread not assault and other favors money 😂 ambassador of all things that may or may not be wholesome
Ya53nua Mauriti, Brasil @ThantanThuu I hope this isn’t true and they’re trying to make Will look bad Positive energies only
Anfernee_KP The internet especially Twitter bouta make Will and Jada divorce for real for real 😂 🇰🇭
KintanVip South Sumatra, Indonesia @DevaMahenra ”I was getting two educations. One from the street and one from school. That way I'd be twice as smart as everybody.” - Calogero, A Bronx Tale. ”The saddest thing in life is wasted talent, and the choices that you make will shape your life forever.” - Lorenzo, A Bronx Tale. Seek Respect Not Attention. | #PolicyMajors | warga lama twitter sejak 2011.
skiswhore Urbana, IL Y’all need to understand that people have different types of relationships and just because y’all don’t understand it doesn’t make will and jadas relationship weird click the link ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Chrisnyedifo In this month, every little effort you will make, will be paid. This month is not for struggles but it's for rest and enjoyment. Humanitarian, a server of the Most High.
theblaacklamb 1st we were voluntarily wearing mask now, its mandatory. 2nd vaccines will be voluntary and what do you think will happen next? Yep, every move we make will be calculated via "the chip" all behind the mask. Remember, whatever is done voluntarily becomes mandatory. Know God...🤺
85Alive85 South East @RETEU3 Rock and a hard place for them. From the Conservative point of view, they might be hoping to record a large number of new votes for 2024, knowing full well the fork up they are making and will continue to make will be remembered then. Just get ready for another lockdown. It's happening. History graduate. Centrist. Arsenal fan.

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