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WIRED San Francisco/New York Facebook and Google have long lured engineers to their ranks by promising them that the decisions they make will have tremendous impact. Christopher Wylie’s case shows the need for those wizards to question exactly what that impact is. WIRED is where tomorrow is realized.
GooseRescuer Park City, UT Very happy to have tried @MorningStrFarms new #vegan cheezburger. They are really surprisingly tasty and super easy to make!! Will definitely buy again! Married vegan attorney, living in paradise with lots of animals.
josh_slinkard Greenville, Texas @AdamTroxtell You don’t think that the main argument that the Dem nominee will make will center on Donald Trump’s words/actions and that a second term must be stopped? Fully prepared for the worst, and philosophically indifferent to the best.
ArshadHasan Burlington, VT I remember Beto’s friendship story. It’s when he tried to make 'Will and Beto’s most excellent adventure’ happen. All I remember is that Beto looks good in a plain white t-shirt. Why are we talking about this? #DemDebate I share a birthday with Mickey Mouse and Sojourner Truth. Seems appropriate. I also make a killer espresso martini.
J__Lugo Mayagüez, PR Every new thing you make will be (should be) the nicest thing you've made so far, because you're learning and getting better with each and every new project. -Jessica Hische Engineer&Desigineer| Working in connecting Science&Art Prof @uprm ME|@De5ignerLab Spkr @TEDxUND Adv.@FSAE_UPRM #DesignThinking #VirtualReality #Entrepreneurship
Lesliem03509408 Denver, CO @RepDanCrenshaw You are not capable of simple math all the premiums that employers and employees pay and the obscene profits healthcare companies make will pay for it. Generation Jones, mother of three, small business owner, CPA, old enough I should know better
wolfbitte the woods 🐗🐍 my professor is salty and the administration hasnt updated it since 2014 and its FULL of copyediting mistakes so shes like "you guys can copyedit this and im sure whatever changes you make will be better than the original" ★ Howl ★ 21 ★ he/him ★ 🇵🇭🇺🇸 ★ ☻ 🏳️‍🌈 ☻ header by @Doodldragon ☻ icon by me ☻ this wolf says trans rights ✊🏽 🏳️‍⚧️
milbrina el, im happy your home they are gonna make will and el sibling besties with zero development, i just know it. 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚔𝚗𝚘𝚠 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚢 𝚍𝚘 𝚜𝚊𝚢 𝚒𝚝 𝚖𝚊𝚔𝚎𝚜 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚌𝚛𝚊𝚣𝚢 @justrangertingz
Noire_Vala A lesbian brothel @Novah_Ikaro @peaches_dragon You get no coochie for two days now. I will put a chastity belt on you and break the key so only a ice one I make will open it let’s all be honest for a sec. cuddling a big werewolf girl would feel pretty good. all fluffy and soft,,,
sdcoyote73 Omaha, NE @aldrich_joe @TomiLahren Yes. Only current wealth can be taxed or confiscated, not future and that future wealth will be much much smaller because people know most of what they make will be taken away. There is no incentive to make more. Retired from bank services & technology. Interests are in fitness, RVing, golf, biking, outdoors.
icedbilatte am I bored and irritated going through every day because I'm adjusting to life that doesn't overwork me or because of a root fear that any decision I make will leave me financially forked over by leaving the positions that leave me feeling stuck Just trying to stay hydrated in this bitch of a world (he/they). Header by Sarah Jolley.
tribjazz Salt Lake City, Utah Stanton Kidd, on the advice he gets from veteran teammates: “All these guys are telling me, ‘Just be you. ... If you can be yourself every day, it’ll work out for you.’” And on competing w/William Howard: “My job is to make Will better, and Will’s job is to make me better.” Utah Jazz reporter for The Salt Lake Tribune. Also, ALLLLLLL the musings on ’80s hair metal you didn't know you needed.
Enterprise Looking for an off- the-beaten-path experience? Try spending the day with a professional forager. The edible treasures you find, time spent outdoors, and handcrafted meal you make will create a memory that lasts a lifetime. #NationalMushroomDay Total transportation provider & proud partner of the NHL. The one place to go for every place life takes you. For customer service contact @EnterpriseCares.
jatroa Swear at me? Muted. @SallyPresto But is he planning that the concessions that he will be forced to make will be sure to be voted down in Parliament? ...And then on to an automatic Brexit. Welsh female retired industrial editor. ‘Vexatious’ - PHSO and ‘Frivolous’ - Information Commissioner’s Office. Court disagreed.
Kielbasa_John This man is the most powerful comic book fan. The last movies Marvel will ever make will be every hero and villain going up against the Lord himself. Kevin Feige. Ezekiel 25:17.
moistdrippings Hawkins, Indiana @waahnius Totally fair! my unfinished thing had Will as the one with ED too, lol, and urging Hannibal to fork him anyway. I just realized now I kinda want Hannibal to be unable to get it up but to treat Will to a luxuriously sensual experience anyway (and make Will cry tbh) to be determined not safe for work/family events/minors
SkepticaImuffin North West, England So on friday since its a year since bad and skep made a vid together im going to be streaming saying skeppy 14,000 times! Ill have donos on but no-one will donate probably lmao (everything i make will go to skep) so sub to my yt and put notifs on if you wanna tune in on Friday! Hi I’m Skepticalmuffin | she, her | I stan skeppy and the trio | British | taken (somehow) by @Animatentlons | pfp by @panbuckets | banner by @hopelesssoul_x
WIRED San Francisco/New York Facebook and Google have long lured engineers to their ranks by promising them that the decisions they make will have tremendous impact. Christopher Wylie’s case shows the need for those wizards to question exactly what that impact is. WIRED is where tomorrow is realized.
rvnabyers she/her | a lesbian | 16 i wholeheartedly believe the duffers are going to make will gay, they've been consistent with his gay-coding and nothing in the show has been inconsistent with his sexuality. call me a clown but the duffers have planned it from the start so i don't see any reason to doubt it.
JuanCarlosEMR Before you do anything, put your trust totally in God and not in yourself. Then every plan you make will succeed. Prv 16:3 Father, sharing God's grace, hope & love to inspire our youth with God's Word; workout, MMA & NFL fan.
union_io Los Angeles, CA 12. every electrical/gas handyman will look like a drunken hobo and any single mistake they make will have the potential to blow up your house and kill you. also they will always show up late. web developer at @elastic, living in los angeles. font nerd. formerly at @hoeflerco & @mediatemple.
rahlee_lee @itumamas Others have speculated that before. If so the movie and book he’s going to make will make MILLIONS.
hunusugbo ghana Letting Christ sit on the throne is the best decision I have ever made, will ever make & will never redo it. Heyyy!!! The peace the world dream off have I found and sits in & with, walk in & with as well forever He that dwelth in the secret places of the most High will abied under the shadows of the Almighty.
Murderousfox on a tropical island w/ my bf❤ @FurryFoofi Welcome to Moreytown is a interactive fiction game which plays in a world where Anthros and Humans coexist in the city of Moreytown, you can even select what species you are, from Wolf, over fox to bear, and select your traits, each decision you make will have affect on the story IT Specialist for Systemintegrations | IT - Administration / Security / Medical / Hardware | Content creator | Taken happily by my life love @mikethewolff 💞
deckerfilm she/her ❥ Yeah YeahYeah rememebr this when u make will straight next season because you suck and have no consistent plot line if all my favorite songs make me think of u i’m gonna lose it
tsuju92 Granite City, IL I don't know if any D&D character I ever make will top my Wood Elf Blood Hunter. Military Commander turned Monster Slayer whom survives a set up thanks to being chosen by an Angel to do good, but the man is Nihilistic as fork and doesn't believe in Gods. He/Him/Them | Held Hostage by D&D and Video Games | Edgy Sarcastic Rogue | Ummmmm...what do people put in these things?
BryanWesley88 Huntsville,Alabama Those small strides you MAKE will lead to BIG VICTORIES and BIG BLESSINGS 😃💯😃💯 #StayStriving #Motivation #Success #Ambition #Wisdom #Confidence #Humble #LoveYourself Author, Poet, Entertainer, Romance Specialist but importantly I am a Child of God with a soul made of Strength, Wisdom & Leadership #StayStriving
DFW_Dee Dallas @tannhea @KassandraSeven It sucks. But, until we start raising our sons differently, and expecting better behavior and truly holding them accountable for their violence, these daily decisions women make will continue. :(. 4/ Geologist into Science/Politics/Books/SciFi/TX Music/Conservation/StarTrek. Began rage-tweeting at the shutdown.#TexansResist #Vegan #NOW #ERA #NARAL #FBR🇺🇸🇵🇷🤘🏻
dianekh59 Terre Haute, IN @EhhhArt A degree will help you know you can complete things and gain experience plus be a back up for the future have faith in yourself and the contacts you have made and will make will be fruitful Books Classic Rock Government & Politics Humanitarian Movies News Pop Pop Culture Science Technology Weather US News World News Weird
JasonFromCT Fairfield, Connecticut @StevePoliti @ChrisRyan_NJ And the one great acquisition he did make, will certainly bolt in July if things don’t improve fast.
Eximaclh United States Since I already have a few videos that have been rendered, I’ll just upload them as they are and the next video I’ll make will have the new username attached 21 years old. I love the KH games. PSN: zeldablade7 Nintendo Account friend code: SW-2067-6372-5135
natchayong1 South West, England @donghae861015 happy birthday❤ I know it is not the situation to do something like this. However, it is my wish for you to have good year and good life. Last but not least I hope everything you do and decision you make will make you happy. I am the cool girl.
SpicyHot321 New York, USA @KingJames Talk about how China has it's puppets like yourself unset control to do what they want?? If you don't obey all those Benjamin's will go away and those Nike sneakers who children slave to make will end! I STAND WITH MY PRESIDENT TRUMP IN MAGA, MAGA, MAGA! Anyone attacking our President Trump WILL BE BLOCKED!
abisi_abilerin Mersin, Türkei Not all promises you make will happen so don’t promise me something and send nudes the old abilerin.abisi ist bääääck bitches Dieses S in meinem Namen rettet mich vor so vielen Vorwürfen. Trotzdem stimmen fast alle :)
platonAedreen Hindi okay 4. Common Good Approach This questions how our choice to decide if the action we will make will be good for ourselves and the community. ᜎᜊᜈ᜔ ᜎᜅ᜔• Piliin mag MAGMAHAL 💘 • Be Nice •
lucky30318013 @MobilePunch My own go soon expire I no see am Una say make will pay for renewal hahahaha if everybody to come out and fight this country go use us any how make many of us when e never reach e body go Dey say e no concern me this is just the beginning e go soon concern everybody
komaruCOS Malaysia "I have... a confession to make. Will you hear me out? 💕" CN #TenkoChabashira: #komarucos CN #HimikoYumeno: @umeforest Series: #NewDanganRonpaV3 #NDRV3 📸 and Edit: Makoto Studio: @CupcatImages #danganronpa #danganronpacosplay #drcosplay KO-MARU • 🇲🇾 // #komaruCOS // #LaPetiteFox // Next Event: #COSMART2019
Kanyou95 المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية @AlanHJamieson1 I don't know if many picked up on it, I do think that she knows time is up for her and is stressing out, however those waiting in the wings are every bit as unpleasant as she is. The road to ruin they are guilty of make will surely be their downfall. I support Scotland in the UK, I love animals and the countryside I do not like the SNP and I think nationalism is never good and history proves this.
IanKanini Kalvegas. Australia @kangombe_Chris Big malls kill small businesses. In the developed countries, big malls are discouraged. Without small businesses, there is no growth and employment. The money big malls make will be externalised, leaving a void in our currency circulation. As a mayor you should discourage that. Believer of the unbelievable, I unlock mysteries to give platforms for others. I believe in God big time. Education Mangt specialist. Great dad. Serial golfer.
qwerty_burger Milan #webperf, #accessibility and #SEO are related aspects that Lighthouse can analyze. But it's not enough to stick to the results of an instrument, you always have to remember that you make the difference when what you make will be used by other people. L'ignoranza è madre della felicità e beatitudine sensuale. Giordano Bruno
GwizaHenry Rwanda @ISAROGroup @Uni_Rwanda Yes for some. but like showing the initial price on any ad you make will make more sense than saying affordable and paying in instalment. #NoMoreMrNiceGuy
strangerswiftie Castle Byers Me when the duffel bags make Will vanish and almost killed by a demodog in s1, make him possessed by the mindflayer and gives him ptsd and almost d*ed bc of that in s2, gave him a sad storyline in s3, just to kill him off in s4 𝗢𝘂𝘁 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲 💙 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 🖤 @strangertmillie
mizuk1s she/her @KoletWeeb literally??? same??? like how in the actual fork do u just like??? create an art style. i have absolutely no confidence and i feel like if i don’t use a reference nothing i make will look decent. i want my art to feel authentic and i wanna be happy w/ it but it’s just like... how #DAZAI: please death
KimchiFreedRice Pretend like every action you make will be seen by millions. If you do that and your heart is content, you may be doing it right. If you do that and it’s laced with malice yet your heart is still still content, you are TERRIBLY wrong and that’s where self reflection comes in. 🇰🇷🇺🇸 • ENG/KOR • Proud Army💜 • Occasionally do translations • 🌱 • ♍️ • ♠️
Scribbled_Death Tulsa, OK oop I've talked about this before but bc of an ex art friend saw me as a threat over time and slowly just treated me harsh ending up in traces, concept copies and even lying about using my custom brushes for their art- now I fear any deep artist friendship I make will repeat it😬 Nin🌈NB▪they/he 💀depressed SFW anime artist/animator 😍draw girls, monsters & sad bois ☕screams about OCs▪lite RTs I LOVE COLORS✨ 💬#webcomic @karasuthecomic
Howard13139832 Attention World: since I have disproved the American Medical Model and debunked forms of psychotherapy every move I make will now be targeted with an opposition and campaign to encourage national rejection of my worldly status...More on American Terrorism. Hatred is neat.
jupiterscancer 🏳️‍🌈 next skit me and nhea make will b so much better, promise eighteen
RyknowRage @panTdropper It happens ya know, things come up and plans don't always come to fruition but such is Life so its nothing to beat yourself over. I'm still confident that whatever costume you make will still be pretty Awesome.
QW5kcmV3 Washington, DC @ItsReallyNick @felixaime @Shikata_ga_naii I'm alright with threat actors deviating from defaults. I actually want them too. The modifications they choose to make will distinguish them, as we currently see for those that do. They have a choice, roll defaults and get clustered, or roll custom and get clustered harder. 🦅 Advanced Practices 🦅@FireEye/@Mandiant
_Blablawtf_ Ontario, CA There will be times, in your path of life, when you will feel lost or hopeless.. when you don't know what to choose and how. You won't know whether the decision you have to make will make or break your future. I… Blah blah, wtf?